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  • 8 Drawer Christmas Ornament Storage Box
  • This large ornament box holds 164 Christmas Ornaments
  • $47.95 + shipping
  • Forget the tedious chore of wrapping each Christmas ornament in tissue paper in order to protect it. Once you create a nest of tissue inside each partition, you merely remove and hang each ornament while carrying the removable drawer with you as you walk around the Christmas tree. Now it's so easy to take your Christmas tree down!

Large Christmas Ornament Storage Box holds 164 ornaments and has 8 removable drawers.


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8 Drawer Christmas Ornament Storage Box
  • 8 drawer Christmas Ornaments Storage Box
  • Holds 164 Christmas Ornaments
7 Drawer Ornament Storage Box
  • 7 drawer Christmas Ornament Storage Box
  • Holds 132 Christmas Ornaments
4 Drawer Ornament Storage Box
  • 4 Drawer Christmas Ornament Storage Box
  • Holds 82 Christmas ornaments
Plain 4 Drawer Chest
  • Plain 4
    Drawer Chest
  • Mulitple Applicaions

Ornament Box Testimonials

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your Christmas storage boxes! I bought an eight drawer box last year, and it made removing the ornaments from the tree SO much easier. I didn't have to find each ornament's original box and rewrap them before storing them in another larger box. This made a previously tedious job a breeze! This year I only had to carry one box down from the attic, and the ability to walk around the tree holding one tray at a time made for a pleasant, easy decorating experience. I love your product so much I am ordering a storage box for my daughter this year. She is a college student and has just started collecting ornaments, but I know she will appreciate this box for years to come." Sincerely, Nancy Mittelstadt
I received my storage box today and guess what?? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!! IT IS TRULY PERFECT!!!!! It is exactly as pictured on your website. The quality of the materials are evident. The box is sturdy and tall. It is the PERFECT storage box for our fragile heirloom ornaments. I demand quality in everything I purchase and this item is ALL quality through and through. Also, the instructions were quite easy to follow. When this storage box is filled I plan on purchasing another. I am really satisfied. Thank You Very Much. Madeline Weaver
Just want you to know that we finished taking our Christmas trees down today and using our new ornament storage boxes from Santa's drawers. WE LOVE THEM!!!!! Never has this gone so quickly and neatly. We have almost 350 ornaments collected over the past 21 years. We ended up throwing away about 10 huge boxes and now have to deal with only three. The ornaments are organized by type and by which tree they go on each year. Thank you for such great boxes!!! They are high quality, flexible, and they work! Sincerely, Joan Smith
I bought Santa's Drawers ornament storage before the holidays, and took my tree down into the new boxes. Because of your design, I was able to store my ornaments on a high shelf (as an apartment resident, storage space is at a PREMIUM); I was able to throw away a big awkward box that used to hold ornaments; and I was able to throw away a mountain of tissue paper. Congratulations on a fine product. Salvatore Basile
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Product Highlights

  • Quick and Easy Decorating Put up and take down your decorations in half the time
    • Storage drawers can be removed and carried around Christmas tree for easy decorating
    • Use tissue paper to create a soft "nest" inside each section to avoid wrapping and unwrapping each Christmas ornament year after year
  • Provides Ultimate Protection: Protect your investment and family heirlooms
    • Heavy-duty corrugated box provides ultimate protection
    • Customizable sections safely protect ornaments from one year to the next
    • Offers ultimate protection and organization when moving homes
  • Organization Boxes store 164, 132 or 82 ornaments all in one easy-to-use and store box
    • Cut down on the clutter of multiple ornament containers
    • Provides opportunity to archive by year, tree, family member...the categories go on and on
  • Customizable Compartments Fits even the most unique decorations
    • Allows you to customize your storage drawers to make sections larger or longer for odd shaped Christmas ornaments.
    • Partitions are removable in case you need more flat drawer space. Save partitions to use as your ornament collection grows!
    • Compartments can range from 3"up to 17 1/2"
    • On the 7 Drawer Box, the bottom drawer is 8 1/2" deep and has no dividers. It can hold very large ornaments, stockings, gift wrapping or garlands.
  • Makes a GREAT Gift Give your friends and family a gift they will actually use each year
    • Corporate Gifts
    • Wedding Gifts
    • Shower Gift
    • New Home
  • Assembles quickly no tools, glue or tape required
  • Made in the USA!

The Christmas Ornament Storage Box is the easiest way to organize and protect your delicate Christmas ornaments!

Take down your Christmas tree with ease and keep all of your ornaments safe with the Ornament Box. The Christmas ornament storage box keeps each ornament nestled in its own compartment within its own drawer so it is easy to put in, take out and store throughout the year. With eight removable drawers, the Ornament Box holds up to 164 ornaments in individual sections for each. Unlike other organizers that stack and squash ornaments under layer after layer, the organization boxes can be removed individually without disrupting other boxes. Drawers on the Christmas ornament storage box slide out like a cabinet, but they are made of light-weight cardboard so they are easy to carry around the tree while decorating.

Ornaments are valuable keepsakes that we treasure and add to with each new Christmas. As our collection grows each year, organizing all our ornaments can be a challenge. Keeping each ornament's original box is a hassle and storing so many boxes takes up too much space. With a mountain of individual boxes, or shoeboxes full of ornaments, it can be impossible to find each family member's favorites, or find the perfect color to match your tree. With many made of glass, crystal, thin plastic and other fragile materials, stacking and boxing ornaments often results in damage to our precious keepsakes. The cardboard Christmas ornament storage box stores each bulb, icicle and figurine in its own drawer, so it won't be squashed, jostled or cracked. Cardboard separators in each drawer make individual compartments, and each separator can be removed or changed to hold smaller ornaments snugly, or make room for bigger ornaments. Whenever you're ready to put up your Christmas tree, the box is always ready to bring out and start decorating. Instead of sorting through endless boxes and wrappings, you can simply slide out each drawer and take it with you as you decorate the tree. The Christmas ornament storage box removes the tedious and time-consuming job of wrapping and boxing so every family member can join in the fun. With each ornament carefully stored, there are never any broken bulbs or cracked keepsakes when it's time to decorate. Every ornament, from Baby's First Christmas to hand-made treasures and crystal icicles, are kept in pristine condition to be used year after year.

Whether you're having your first Christmas together or your sixtieth, you can add more ornaments at any time. When Christmastime is over and you're ready to take down the tree, bring the organizer back out and store each piece in its place to keep them for next year. The sturdy, cardboard exterior keeps all the drawers in place without adding excess weight, so it is easy to move and store. Handles on each side make it easy to carry up and down stairs, attics or around closets, and the festive decorations on the sides make it an unmistakable Christmas addition. All the drawers, sides and compartments are already pre-set so there is little assembly required. The box's compact dimensions keep the drawers and separators tightly in place during storage. With moveable separators, any drawer can be emptied or changed to make room for other fragile Christmas decorations, lights, garland, candles and much more.

The Christmas Ornament Box comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. For new families putting up their first tree, the 4-drawer Box is a great place to start organizing. Once you've collected more ornaments over the years, or if you already have an extensive collection, the 7 - or 8-drawer box has plenty of space. There is also a special Christmas Ornament Box to help organize strings of lights. After Christmas, light strings often end up in boxes or bags in tangled messes, where bulbs break and cords become frayed. Untangling Christmas lights is a tedious process that can take away the fun of decorating. The Ornament Box light holder straightens out the mess and stores Christmas lights safely. Each string of lights winds around a separate slot that can be removed from the box, and then put back for safekeeping. While the Ornament Box may be used for storage of all kinds, the plain box features the same compact, organizing design without festive designs, so it can be used for everyday items of all kinds, from make-up to tools, figurines, jewelry, scrapbooking supplies and more.

Stop wrapping and rewrapping, looking for each ornament's special box and worrying about damage to fragile pieces during Christmastime. Order the affordable cardboard Ornament Box organizer this year to make putting up the tree fun and festive for everyone. The Ornament Box is also a fantastic Christmas gift for friends and family, making tree take-down and ornament storage a cinch. Order a 4, 7 or 8 drawer box, or plain organization boxes, for yourself, friends or family online and you can start placing ornaments right away, with very little assembly required.

Plain 4 Drawer Chest
Plain 4 Drawer Storage Box

Key Features

4 Drawer Ornament Chest
4 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

Key Features

7 Drawer Ornament Chest
4 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

Key Features

8 Drawer Ornament Chest
4 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

Key Features

Christmas Lights Storage Box
4 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

Key Features