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4 Drawer Ornament Chest
4 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

Key Features

  • The 2 top drawers have cardboard dividers in them that for 25 (3" square) sections in each drawer for average sized ornaments.
  • The 2 bottom drawers are a little larger. They have 16 (4" square) sections in each drawer for larger ornaments.
  • This ornament storage chest has 82 sections to protect your ornaments.
  • Partitions are removable in case you need more flat drawer space. Save partitions to use as your ornament collection grows!
  • The outside dimensions are 15.5" X 17.5" X 17.5"
  • $35.95 + shipping
  • Quantity:  

Ornaments are fragile and precious, deserving of a dedicated space to protect them. Don’t just throws yours in any old box. This year, protect up to 82 of your ornaments with our 4 Drawer Cardboard Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Dividers. While the top 2 drawers will store 25 ornaments each, the bottom two can store up to 16 larger ornaments. Keep yours organized by style, family member, or remove the partitions to create more flat space. Purchase yours now and get a head start on the holidays!