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7 Drawer Ornament Chest
4 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

Key Features

  • The 4 top drawers have cardboard dividers in them that form 25 (3"square) sections in each drawer for smaller ornaments.
  • The next 2 drawers are a little larger. They have 16 (4"square) sections in each drawer for larger ornaments.
  • The bottom drawer is 8 1/2" deep and has no dividers. It can hold very large ornaments or lights and garlands.
  • The box dimensions are 31" X 17.5" X 17.5".
  • Partitions are removable in case you need more flat drawer space. Save the partitions to use as your collection grows!
  • $46.95 + shipping
  • Quantity:  

Do you need somewhere to store your family’s ever increasing collection of ornaments? Then it’s time that you got your hands on one of our 7 Drawer Cardboard Christmas Ornament boxes. It can fit as many as 132 ornaments, making it perfect for large and growing families who just can’t contain their Christmas spirit. With 4 top drawers fit for 25 small ornaments each, two middle ones perfect for 16 each, and a deep bottom draw perfect for larger ornaments, you can store every kind you own.