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8 Drawer Ornament Chest
4 Drawer Ornament Storage Box

Key Features

  • The 4 top drawers have cardboard dividers in them that form 25 (3"square) sections in each drawer for smaller ornaments.
  • The 4 bottom drawers are a little larger. They have 16 (4" square) sections in each drawer for larger ornaments.
  • This ornament storage chest has 164 sections to protect your ornaments.
  • Partitions are removable in case you need more flat drawer space. Save partitions to use as your ornament collection grows!
  • The outside dimensions are 31" X 17.5" X 17.5"
  • $47.95 + shipping
  • Quantity:  

Our ornaments are precious and fragile; easily broken if not properly handled. Some are even priceless artifacts handed down by the family. Throwing them in any old box just doesn’t make sense. Protect yours with our 8 Drawer Corrugated Cardboard Christmas Ornament Storage Box. Affordable and durable, it can contain up to 164 ornaments with drawers specifically built for different sized items. While the top 4 can hold up to 25 smaller pieces each, the bottom four are built for larger ornaments, up to 16, though partitions are removable. This year, organize your ornaments the right way.