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Ornament Box Testimonials

"I am a very satisfied customer… I have had two of the 7 drawer boxes forever it seems… My son has one as well. it has been the guardian of my ornaments for all of these years. The handles on one of them is finally giving out, it has been taped and cared for as much as possible… Finally I am having to find another storage box and I could not find this box.. I was so sad at the loss of a great friend! As a last ditch effort I did a google search and found you!! I was so happy and so is my son that these magnificent storage boxes still exist. I see it will be delivered on Thursday… I am so excited to see it and move my valuables to the new Ornament box!"

Jack from Woodstock GA

"I already have 3 of the larger box and I just love them! I added another tree to my home this year so I need another box, plus I am buying one for my daughter who just moved into her own place. I love these boxes, they are the best and make it SO much easier." Thank you!! Deborah, Mountain Home, AZ

"I received my ornament boxes. Although I was intimidated when I pulled all of the pieces out of the shipping box, once I read the simple instructions, assembly was a piece of cake! More importantly though, the ornament box is awesome! I stored all of my ornaments (and I have a lot of them!) in one super-sturdy box (I was able to double-up some of the unbreakable and/or smaller ornaments in one compartment) . Talk about organization! I tossed all of the little boxes and tissue paper in which I painstakingly packed the ornaments in previous years. The ornament box is a HUGE timesaver! I honestly did not mind "taking down the tree" this time. I will certainly recommend this product to others. Thank you so much!" Melanie Link A Really Happy Customer
"I recently received my ornament boxes (one 8 drawer and one 7 drawer) and I am so delighted! I was able to combine 5 totes and several smaller boxes into your marvelous storage drawers with room to spare. No more will I have to make sure that I have all the assorted containers in order to annually decorate four trees. Many of my ornaments are antique (from the late 1800's to the 1950's) or one of a kind. They are all very precious to me and I thank you for your most wonderful products. " Cheryl from Rochester, NY
"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your Christmas storage boxes! I bought an eight drawer box last year, and it made removing the ornaments from the tree SO much easier. I didn't have to find each ornament's original box and rewrap them before storing them in another larger box. This made a previously tedious job a breeze! This year I only had to carry one box down from the attic, and the ability to walk around the tree holding one tray at a time made for a pleasant, easy decorating experience. I love your product so much I am ordering a storage box for my daughter this year. She is a college student and has just started collecting ornaments, but I know she will appreciate this box for years to come." Sincerely, Nancy Mittelstadt
I received my storage box today and guess what?? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!! IT IS TRULY PERFECT!!!!! It is exactly as pictured on your website. The quality of the materials are evident. The box is sturdy and tall. It is the PERFECT storage box for our fragile heirloom ornaments. I demand quality in everything I purchase and this item is ALL quality through and through. Also, the instructions were quite easy to follow. When this storage box is filled I plan on purchasing another. I am really satisfied. Thank You Very Much. Madeline Weaver
Just want you to know that we finished taking our Christmas trees down today and using our new ornament storage boxes from Santa's drawers. WE LOVE THEM!!!!! Never has this gone so quickly and neatly. We have almost 350 ornaments collected over the past 21 years. We ended up throwing away about 10 huge boxes and now have to deal with only three. The ornaments are organized by type and by which tree they go on each year. Thank you for such great boxes!!! They are high quality, flexible, and they work! Sincerely, Joan Smith
I bought Santa's Drawers ornament storage before the holidays, and took my tree down into the new boxes. Because of your design, I was able to store my ornaments on a high shelf (as an apartment resident, storage space is at a PREMIUM); I was able to throw away a big awkward box that used to hold ornaments; and I was able to throw away a mountain of tissue paper. Congratulations on a fine product. Salvatore Basile
I just want to tell you how pleased I am with your products. Santa's Drawers are like a miracle in our house--finally the Xmas ornament chaos is being brought under control!! I love how strong the boxes are--and so easy to assemble. Everything about them is just great. They have exceeded my expectations and I am going to order more drawers right now. Thank you very, very much!! Heidi Sanna